Insanity Results – Two Rounds Later…

2 Rounds Results Front

2 Rounds of Insanity – Results Photo

It’s funny to me that I am starting Spark Fitness and this blog at the “end” of my fitness journey. Don’t get me wrong, I consider fitness to be a lifelong commitment that I have made and I know over the next years – and decades – I’ll experience challenges that will push me and I’ll go through ups and downs just like anyone who struggles to fight “the temptation”. Hopefully at some point in the future I’ll be thinking “well, now I’m at the end of my journey”. I guess it goes to show that you never really know your full potential until you push yourself to discover what you’re actually capable of.

It’s with that thought that I share this post. I want to pay back all of the other brave souls who posted their results photos online for all of the internets to see. These people…young, old, fat, thin…showed off their amazing results, and helped keep me motivated. Especially during those early mornings when I hated the fact that I had to get out of my warm, cozy bed. And once I got rolling with Insanity, I was so pumped by my results I did a whole second round (even though I SWORE to myself I’d never do Month 2 ever again).

So here are my Insanity results – 2 Rounds (120 days) of sheer hard work and a LOT of sweat.

Total weight lost: 9lbs net (down 13lbs fat, up 4lbs muscle)
Body Fat % Loss: 9%
Finishing weight: 137lbs
Finishing BF%: 13.5%

So there you are. If you’re just starting out, or maybe you’re struggling through the dreaded second week of Month 2 (my personal hell week), just keep your eye on the end goal.

Happy sweating.