21 Days: Too good to be true?

Beachbody’s latest program is coming out in February and is called the “21 Day Fix”. Is it too good to be true?

Sounds like it could be, but HAS actually work for many people, and it CAN work for you. Here’s the scoop…

What’s the plan? Quite simply:

  1. 30 minute workouts, every day
  2. Eat according to the simple guidelines. If it fits in the colour-coded containers, you can eat it. No counting calories/points/weighing/measuring. Stuff it in the containers. Then stuff it in your mouth.*
  3. 21 Days total

*Please take your time eating, nobody likes an open-mouthed chewer…

The workouts are simple interval “bootcamp” type moves – :60 second intervals with :15-:30 second rests. Do a move, catch your breath, move on. If you’re just starting out, or have an injury, there is someone in the DVD’s that will show a modified version of the move so you can follow along and stay safe. It’s still intense enough that people who have completed Insanity, T25 or P90X will definitely get a good sweat-on.

Equipment: you will need a light set of dumbells or some resistance bands (ideally 2 differing weights of bands). The Ultimate Kit version of the program does come with a resistance band (15lb.).

The trainer and creator of the program is Autumn Calabrese, who is a single mom and personal trainer and all around fitness guru, and whom I am not ashamed to say I have a total lady-crush on. Holy moly that body. Yowza.


The nutrition plan is also pretty simple. And this is the genius of this program. Along with your workout DVDs, you’ll receive 7 colour-coded containers with the basic premise that “if it fits in there, you can eat it”. It makes portion control SIMPLE, without being complicated or restrictive. Now, there are SOME guidelines, like you can’t take the biggest container and stuff it full of chocolate. But it’s generally pretty loose and easy to follow.

As with all Beachbody Programs, it comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Which is also GENIUS. Because this is a 21-Day program. If you do the entire thing and you are STILL not satisfied, you can get your money back (less S&H) and you get to KEEP the 3-Day Quick Fix Guide, the Eating Plan and the Dirty 30 Workout DVD. A no-brainer, eh?

Containers included in the 21-Day Fix Base Kit. If your food fits in there, you can eat it. Simple.

Containers included in the 21-Day Fix Base Kit. If your food fits in there, you can eat it. Simple.

The containers themselves are top-rack dishwasher safe, BPA and DEHP free and microwave safe.

The 21-day Fix comes in 2 varieties: the Base Kit and the Ultimate Kit. Here’s what you get in the Ultimate Kit on top of the Base Kit:

  1. Insulated tote for your meal containers
  2. Ultimate Kit workouts (Flat Abs & Barre Legs)
  3. 15lb Pro-Grade resistance band
  4. Additional Large on-the-go coloured container

As with other popular Beachbody programs, the 21-Day Fix is available as a Challenge Pack, for those interested in supercharging their approach to nutrition with the addition of Shakeology.

The results? Well the nice thing about the 21-Day Fix is that you can use it once, to polish-up your bikini (or boardshorts) body in time for Spring Break. Or you can just keep doing rounds of it until you hit your desired goal. One of the women in the official Beachbody test group (the people that use programs first, so Beachbody can have some results examples to show in the infomercials) lost OVER 100LBS. by doing 11 rounds. Now, “11 ROUNDS?!” you say? It’s not that long if you think about it. That’s only 231 days. For over 100lbs. That’s about 7.5 months, which is an EXCELLENT pace of weight loss to ensure you’re staying healthy and not doing the Biggest Loser “100lbs in 3-months” extravaganza (which is totally possible if you’re willing to workout 5+ hours a day. Have fun with that.).

Here are just a couple pictures from said Test Group. Pretty fantastic if you ask me. Wait ’til you see the 100+lb loss ones!

Results from 1 Round of 21-Day Fix

Results from 1 Round of 21-Day Fix

Results from 1 Round of 21-Day Fix

Results from 1 Round of 21-Day Fix

Final thoughts: I think this 21-Day Fix program is an extremely versatile program that’ll be popular with a wide variety of people because it finally addresses the major concern most people have with health and fitness, namely the EATING part. It takes all the guess workout out of it. Now, you do need to actually FOLLOW the program, but that’s what you have Coaches (like me!) and Challenge Groups for, to help keep you on track.

As always, if you have any questions, post to the comments below, or email me at Kristina@SparkFitness.ca. I’d love to help,

Happy Sweating,


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Special note: the 21-Day Fix Challenge Pack is going to be on SALE through February, selling for $160 $140 exclusively through Coaches. That’s a nearly $70 savings vs. purchasing the items separately.

That basically means you get to try Shakeology for 1/2 price, and if you don’t like it, you can return it (even if it’s empty) with the Bottom-of-the-Bag 30-day Guarantee. No hard feelings. Learn more about Challenge Packs and why they are a no-brainer here.


*Please note I quote all prices on this site in $USD