This is what I know to be true

Well I haven’t spent all that much time on this earth,relatively speaking I mean (33yrs and counting), but in the time I have spent in the realm of fitness and nutrition, these are some things that I know to be true…

– You are capable of anything you put your mind to
– The glass is always half-full
– You need to want to achieve your goals more than you want to do the things that will stand in your way
– If people that are 400lbs+ can do it, you can do it
– Everyone loses motivation once in a while – even Olympic champions – it’s about what you do to get it back that counts
– If you have a bad day, start over the next day. Don’t dwell.
– There is no such thing as failure, just invaluable learning experiences
– You have to schedule in your workouts – if you know you’re busy that night, force yourself to get up an hour earlier to get your workout done
– Fitness and health success is 70% the food you eat, 30% exercise
– Making exercise part of your daily routine will motivate you to make better food choices – it’s what I call the ‘virtuous cycle’
– Working out just so that you can “eat whatever you want” is a recipe for failure
– It’s better to eat 5 small meals than 3 large ones
– Try not to eat after 9pm
– Being on a “diet” is temporary – choosing to eat healthful foods most of the time, is a permanent lifestyle
– One treat isn’t going to undo your hard work – life is about living, afterall! (*5 treats, or 1 treat every day, however, WILL)
– Sweating is a magical process that makes you feel accomplished – good thing, because I sweat a LOT when I workout

I’m a proud Canadian and very proud to be one of the first Canadian Beachbody Coaches – it’s a natural progression of what I’ve been doing already in my life, and I am excited about helping even more people. If you nod your head to any of the “what I believe in” points above, hit me up, I’d love to help you anyway that I can.