Well if that isn’t inspiring….

I’ve talked about the Beachbody Challenge contest before, on my Challenge Packs page, but I was spending some time going through the Quarterly Prize contestants and it was so inspiring.


I love looking at all the transformations. It gets me fired up and I get a rejuvenated sense of purpose, and dedication towards working out and eating healthy. It makes me so happy to see people taking back control of their lives with simple diet and exercise changes. It’s not rocket science people!

Anyway, some people think the whole “you could win cash!” is a scam, and I assure you it is not. The prizes are REAL, and they are even open to Canadians (excluding, sadly, Quebec residents):

  • $500 daily
  • $1,000 monthly
  • $5,000 quarterly
  • $100,000 annually
  • Plus if you’ve used Shakeology®, Ultimate Reset®, or other Beachbody® supplements, you’re also eligible for the Ultimate Health Transformation prize of $25,000

When you’re ready to make a change, email me at Kristina@SparkFitness.ca and we’ll do this together.