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Love cars, love fitness, love cooking. Always looking for something new to keep me entertained. Passionate about helping others achieve their own personal goals.

I’m fit!! But, now what?

You’ve put in the blood sweat and tears necessary to get into the best shape of your life. T25, Insanity, P90X, Slim in 6 – whatever it was, you’re feeling amazing and so proud of your results. It was tough but you perservered and it was WORTH IT! Congratulations! But, now what? I’ve been there – I did P90X to get in shape for my wedding day, and once the honeymoon (literally, our trip to the Caribbean) was over, I didn’t know what to do. Continue reading →

WANT to LIKE Yoga & Pilates, try PiYo

I’ll admit it. The first time I tried Yoga, back in University, I kinda hated it. I had been a trained dancer for 13 years, played various sports throughout high school, and was generally a fit person. Yet, I found this seemingly simple (aka “boring”) practise of Yoga, well, HARD! And like most things in my life, if I’m not immediately good at it, I don’t like it. I know, I know, I’m working on it… So, at the time, I just stuck to my Continue reading →

So, how much should you be eating, anyway?

A while back I posted about how looking at the weigh scale isn’t always a good idea, but instead you should be looking at (if anything) your lean body mass (i.e. what your muscles etc weigh) vs. your body fat percentage. If you missed it, read more about that here. Branching off of that discussion, I wanted to go into a little more detail about how much you should be consuming each day. A lot of people get confused by this – and for good Continue reading →

Insanity: is it really the hardest workout put on DVD, ever?

You’ve probably seen the infomercial before – “Insanity – probably the hardest workout ever put on DVD!!”. You’ve seen trainer Shaun T talking about Max Interval Training, and watched many fit people on screen sweating profusely and struggling through the workouts. You’re scared. But you’re curious. So here’s my take on Insanity, the insanely popular workout program by Beachbody (see what I did just there?). It first launched  in 2009, and was the brainchild of pro trainer and all-around awesome dude Shaun T (of Hip Continue reading →

Well if that isn’t inspiring….

I’ve talked about the Beachbody Challenge contest before, on my Challenge Packs page, but I was spending some time going through the Quarterly Prize contestants and it was so inspiring. Honestly. I love looking at all the transformations. It gets me fired up and I get a rejuvenated sense of purpose, and dedication towards working out and eating healthy. It makes me so happy to see people taking back control of their lives with simple diet and exercise changes. It’s not rocket science people! Anyway, Continue reading →

Snugli All-in-One Convertible Car Seat – Review

Ok now for something a bit different. I’m not normally in the business if reviewing baby products but I wanted to write this up in case it helps anyone else. I have spent a while researching new convertible car seats recently, as we are almost outgrown our infant bucket (we have the MaxiCosi Prezi and our 7.5month old is just about 29″, the max height). I was interested in the new Snugli All-in-One convertible car seat but found little info online, especially anything NOT from Continue reading →

Delicious Dinner: Chicken Tacos

Just a quick post to share one of my fave slow cooker recipes, Chicken Tacos. It’s simple. 3 ingredients It’s DELICIOUS. Seriously, when you come home and your house smells amazing, you can thank me. It’s paleo* It takes less then 3 minutes to make It’s cheap to make It’s low calorie/low fat A word about this dish  – if you’re serious about Paleo, or sodium intake, or avoiding ANYTHING processed, you can easily make your own tomato-based salsa vs. buying a jar of it. Continue reading →

21 Days: Too good to be true?

Beachbody’s latest program is coming out in February and is called the “21 Day Fix”. Is it too good to be true? Sounds like it could be, but HAS actually work for many people, and it CAN work for you. Here’s the scoop… What’s the plan? Quite simply: 30 minute workouts, every day Eat according to the simple guidelines. If it fits in the colour-coded containers, you can eat it. No counting calories/points/weighing/measuring. Stuff it in the containers. Then stuff it in your mouth.* 21 Continue reading →

This is what I know to be true

Well I haven’t spent all that much time on this earth,relatively speaking I mean (33yrs and counting), but in the time I have spent in the realm of fitness and nutrition, these are some things that I know to be true… – You are capable of anything you put your mind to – The glass is always half-full – You need to want to achieve your goals more than you want to do the things that will stand in your way – If people that Continue reading →

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