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Love cars, love fitness, love cooking. Always looking for something new to keep me entertained. Passionate about helping others achieve their own personal goals.

Should what you weigh even matter?

A lot of people have asked me over the years about their ideal weight goals, “how much should I weigh?”, “how much weight did you lose when you did Insanity?”….weight, weight, weight! It’s really not about the scale; truly…it’s about how you FEEL. BUT There are still many people (myself included) that love DATA. I personally get satisfaction out of seeing my “stats” improve over the course of a workout program. So, with that in mind, I highly suggest that instead of obsessing over your Continue reading →

Insanity Results – Two Rounds Later…

It’s funny to me that I am starting Spark Fitness and this blog at the “end” of my fitness journey. Don’t get me wrong, I consider fitness to be a lifelong commitment that I have made and I know over the next years – and decades – I’ll experience challenges that will push me and I’ll go through ups and downs just like anyone who struggles to fight “the temptation”. Hopefully at some point in the future I’ll be thinking “well, now I’m at the Continue reading →

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