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Have you ever played on a sports team, or worked out in a group fitness class at a gym? Perhaps you’ve gone on a run with a friend or two, or played a game of tennis? All of these activities involve YOU doing some type of athletic endeavour, WITH OTHER people. It’s fun, right? You build comraderie, you push each other. You notice perhaps you run just a little faster, push yourself to go just a little further. And let’s face it, a tennis game all by yourself isn’t going to last very long.

But now you’re considering making the (brilliant) switch to an at-home fitness program. You’ll save yourself the gym fees, and save yourself tons of time. It’s really the better way. But what’s great about it (you get to be at home!) is also what’s kinda lonely about it too (*sniff*).

FRET NOT! Beachbody Coaches (like me) have come up with a brilliant solution: the CHALLENGE GROUP.

What’s a Challenge Group?

  • A Coach-led , exclusive group committed to getting healthy where participants agree to do

    a Beachbody fitness program, drink Shakeology daily* and check in with other participants on a private Facebook page

  • People helping and motivating each other to achieve their health and fitness goals by sharing tips, accountability, and results.
  • A team committed to success in The Beachbody Challenge contest (more on that later…)

*A note about Shakeology. I am a total believer in the benefits and results you can get from making Shakeology part of your daily nutrition (seriously, it’s pretty great), but I don’t believe in excluding people from my Challenge Groups if they haven’t decided to give it a try yet. 

What are the Benefits of a Challenge Group?

It’s pretty simple. You gain a COMMUNITY. A team. Friends. Having people to be accountable to will help push you through those days that maybe you don’t feel like working out. The other members are people looking to workout and get results, just like you, and are people that you can share your experiences with. Plus there’s a Coach (me) to answer any questions and guide the Group along.

What does it Cost to be in a Challenge Group?

This is the best part. Being part of my Challenge Group is FREE. $0. The only cost to you would be the cost of the workout program/Challenge Pack itself. And of course, your time and commitment. But hey, nothing good ever came for free, right? Maybe, maybe not…

How do I join and How long do I commit?

Joining my Challenge Group is easy. I begin Challenge Groups periodically throughout the year, and will run program-specific ones (i.e. An Insanity-only Group or 21-day Fix Group) or I will run mixed-program Groups too. They can vary in length, depending on the actual workout program itself, from 21-Days to 90-days.

To inquire about my next Challenge Group, please send me an EMAIL at or Message me through my Facebook Page. It’s also great to connect with me through Team Beachbody – sign up for your FREE account today by clicking below:


You said something about Winning Money?

So Beachbody believes that sometimes, everyone likes a little incentive to help keep them motivated.

Enter “The Beachbody Challenge contest”.

It’s an incentive to help people reach their goals and achieve success. Contest rewards include:

  • an exclusive free t-shirt (I wear mine with PRIDE!)
  • the chance to win cash & prizes ranging from a $500 daily prize to the $100,000 Grand Prize

Both Coaches and customers are eligible to enter – before I became a Coach, I entered the contest just so I could get my free Insanity t-shirt, and that’s how I ended up in the infomercial. HA!

Once you’ve joined one of my Challenge Groups, we’ll go through how you can enter for your free t-shirt and the chance to win some cash. Score!

That's me in the Insanity Infomercial, wearing my free t-shirt!

That’s me in the Insanity Infomercial, wearing my free t-shirt!

*Note: right now the Challenge Contest is only open to residents of the US and Canada (excluding, sadly, Quebec)


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